Path-o-logical Games' Unity asset packages are released with the greatest respect for Unity game developers of all skill-levels. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, you will find these solutions an asset (puns are free).

Each package is crafted with equal focus on performance, ease of use, extensibility, and flexibility. Everything is fully documented and supported. If you have an idea or need for a feature which is not yet implemented, we will make every effort to add it. Future updates of purchased Assets are free.

You can read reviews of our products on any of the feature pages. Here is a recent one about our bundle:
This package is a great deal! The PoolManager alone is already a fantastic asset which helped me to get tremendous performance gains in my apps. It is really easy to use and quickly gets you the results you need. [TriggerEventPRO] is an ingenious concept and really useful as it simplifies the code a lot and also triggers just by using it new ideas for gameplay. Finally [UnityConstraints] are simply very handy every-day time savers. I can only recommend this. Support is great as well.”                                                    - AssetStore review of package "Pool, Target, Constrain Bundle"

The following solutions are available in the Unity Asset Store or directly from us below. Click the links under each summary for more information.
PoolManager is the leading, most feature rich, battle-tested, instance pre-loading and pooling solution for Unity. It is designed to avoid performance hiccups while easing development and providing easy access to spawned instances and their prefabs. Don't spend your time re-inventing this wheel!

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UnityConstraints contains simple yet powerful generic behaviors, such as Smooth Look-At, Billboarding, Transform (just like parenting without the hierarchy) and much more, all in a highly performance-friendly framework. Constraints have always been a big part of working in 3D and work just as well in 2D.  As with all of our packages, this is easy to jump in to but provides a deep and flexible API for more advanced usage.
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TriggerEventPRO  is an extremely powerful, flexible and performance-friendly event-driven framework that helps you detect, sort and send target objects information. Weather you are setting up pick-ups, an enemy sentry with line-of-sight, or just trying to decide how to respond to a bunch of GameObjects in range, TriggerEventPRO can get you up and running fast and efficiently!
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This complete bundle of all three core tools will get your 2D or 3D prototype up and running in no time and scale without hassle. 
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